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filipino students association


I joined the Filipino Students Association in search of a social org my freshman year. I then served as the Graphics chair in my sophomore year(2021-22), and

Co-President in my junior year(2022-23). As graphics chair, it was my duty to take charge of designing all of our social media post graphics, designing all of our merch for members and officers, and any other assets that would require proficiency in visual design. As co-president, I mainly oversaw the work of the officer board, but I would continue to create graphics occasionally in aid of our graphics chair that academic year. 

My designs were created for and viewed by over 700 members every year.

You can check out our Instagram @utfsa


As graphics chair, I created some designs for merch throughout the year. This included designing the merch, researching manufacturers, and communicating requirements with the printers.

2022-23 Recap Carosel

For the 2022-23 academic year, I and my officer board wanted to create an Instagram recap post summarizing our year in FSA. The following is the graphics I curated, edited, and designed.

Social Media Posts

Our main form of communication and updates with our members are through our Instagram page. The following shows a compilation of graphics that I created for our Instagram from 2021-2022.

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