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What is Jots?
I worked on Jots with 2 team members during Hack for Humanity in 2022. Jots is a Chrome Extension that will help users round up their online purchases, and donate the difference to charities of their choice. They can edit their donation amounts, track their savings, and browse for new charities.

My Contribution
While my team worked on the development of the Chrome Extension, I worked on user flow, visual design, and branding. Features include a Chrome Extension dropdown for easy access, seamless integration with existing online shops, and a web platform for additional information and tracking.

You can check out our devpost at
Figma Page and Prototypes at

The Challenge

The Challenge

Our goal for this interface was to create a simple way for users to integrate donation and charity into their daily lives. Minimizing potential confusion and pain points to make donations as simple as the existing online shopping process.

Our main goals:
1. Allowing users to easily donate at every purchase they already make.
2. Safe and reliable concept for direct user-to-charity interaction.
3. Raise awareness of charitable organizations and local causes.


The Solution

Dropdown Quick Access

To provide some quick and custom information to the user, the dropdown menu, which is a Chrome Extension feature, will be accessible with the click of a button. The most important features will be displayed here for the user to refer to at any time.

Web Portal

The web portal allows the user to find more in depth information about their individual contributions, account information, privacy and security options, etc.  

634097ce456e3830eb588f4e_Store Intergration-p-800.png
Live Site Integration

The live integration into existing online shopping outlets allow the most seamless and straightforward user flow for users to utilize our product in their daily lives. The prototype works with Amazon currently, but we intent to expand to most shopping platforms!

The Presentation

The Presentation

The following is the presentation that was put together in order for our group to present our project to the judges. It includes not only a section to explain our product and how it functions, but also the background research and how our product is significant to impact users' daily practices.


The Post-Hackathon Thoughts

This was my first time participating in a hackathon!

I learned a lot about the process from design to development, implementation of the front end, and branding, all within a 24-hour period. Being my first time creating a prototype in such a limited time, I have made many notes on points of improvement, as well as areas where I am more confident. Excited to do this again in the future!

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